Established and registered in 1992 in San Diego, California, International Institute for Scientific Cooperation (IISC) has been successfully helping Iranian Students to continue their studies abroad. With five Branch Offices in London/Manchester (Britain), Tehran (Iran), Dublin (Ireland), and San Diego, California (USA), IISC has been providing professional and legal consultations to students in both private as well as the public sectors of the country.

        IISC is proud of its accomplishments to date, reflected by the large and ever-increasing number of Iranian students sent overseas for further education. Almost all of the students sent abroad by the IISC, have entered and/or successfully graduated from top universities worldwide. IISC continuous rate of success is based on students and parents’ satisfaction and  “Word of Mouth”.


   IISC selects Language Schools, Colleges and Universities, in accordance to their academic excellence and recognition, welfare of the students, and international hospitality. IISC has exclusive representation and agency for more than 50 accredited English Language Schools and Universities, in English speaking countries.


     Most of our students and clients are startled by the expertise of the essential services that the IISC advisors coordinate in their journey to study overseas. From the moment that an application to study abroad is filed with the IISC Office, students will be registered at English Language College or University, and arrangements are made for Family Accommodation, Airport Transfer, Medical Insurance, Bus/Metro Pass, Internet Use, Library Services, Sport Facilities, Mobile Services, Bank Account, and possible Student Employment Permission. After preparing all the certified and requested documents by the Embassy, IISC will coordinate all the procedures to apply for a student Visa.  IISC has been very successful in obtaining visas, giving the best professional advise to the students and in  bringing comfort to both students and their parents, at home and abroad.


Dr. Mohsen Nazaryan


I have always tried to help our students to select best colleges & universities to continue their studies in order to guarantee good job opportunities for themselves in the future.

I take the honor to claim that IISC students are either studying at top universities worldwide or have successfully graduated from excellent accredited schools.

I always tell my students: